Tansforming Supply Chain

with Blockchain and Data Analytics

Re-Hack 2020 | Australia India

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Easy to use interface with Smart Contract based on Ethereum Network in the backend

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The Blockchain based secure framework of Dappsules, ensures no-tampering of transactional data and P2P Verification

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With just a scan, you can ensure that you're buying the right product with right materials used.

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Hyper-local Interaction

The Companies can valuable feedback from their end user of FMCG products seamlessly

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Quick & Easy use and easy to manage

Dappsule is a decentralized integrated platform creating a Chasis of trust between the Supplier, Company & Distributor through one App (dAPP), having Ethereum based Smart contract, seamless communication flow, Real-time tracking of ownership handover & Crypto based payments. Whenever the ownership is handed over to the next participant, valid information is added as a transaction (e.g Location, Date, Pricing) into the blockchain. Once the product reaches the user, it all get's summed up as Smart QR Sticker on the product, which the user can scan within 2 seconds and see the origins of the supply chain. Thereby, boosting supply chain transparency internally and externally to a different level.

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